About us

We are professionals keen on content creation and good relationships.

We have been effectively working for the trust of our clients since 2007.
We specialise in leading continuous “all inclusive” PR service,
however we have successfully run many projects and campaigns of various scale.

We offer a full range of communication and marketing services – from media relations, through digital marketing, to internal communication, custom publishing and videomarketing.


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Our services

Full range of Public Relations services
and integrated marketing solutions.

Media Relations

We reach journalists with unique topics, professional workshop and long-lasting trust.

Social Media

We know means to build coherent communication in the world of Social Media.

Corporate PR

We build brand image taking care of every aspect of communication – from simple tasks like a content of corporate letters to complex projects such as a book of crisis management.

Product PR

We analyse the product digging for the best values for its target groups. We know what and to whom we should communicate in order to fix product’s brand in the minds of customers.

Internal communication

Well integrated team is the key to success of every organisation. We help our clients to build joint teams and their commitment on every level of company.

Custom Publishing

Our Custom Publishing team creates new magazines, internal newspapers, brochures and trendbooks with true passion and involvement.

Expert PR

We communicate the values of company and product through the knowledge and experience of its employees and management.

Computer Graphics

There is absolutely nothing to surprise us in computer graphics – from graphic design of press materials, through complex social media communication design, to videomarketing, live broadcasts and drone movies.


We create eye-catching content for every campaign. From simple animations for Social Media, through drone movies and live broadcasts.

Communication strategies and audits

From individual offer through quality and quantitative surveys to complex brand strategies.
Always with an individual approach.

Employer Branding

On contemporary market of employees the image of employer is crucial. We have every tool for its construction.


From ad hoc actions and last minute offers to integrated yearly campaigns. Precise targeting, costs evaluation, management and crediting of every campaign.

Case study

Selected projects and campaigns.
Experience that matters.

Pasaż Grunwaldzki
Video marketing
Media Relations
Employer Branding
Blogerzy i influencerzy
Golden Rose
Media Relations
Stowarzyszenie "Komfort Ciszy"
Media Relations

How do we work?

effectiveness, extraordinary, evaluation


  • Surveys of public image and brand awareness
  • Company’s information materials analysis and evaluation of means of communication
  • Media image analysis


  • Communication strategies
  • Assigning communication aims
  • Specifying target groups
  • Selection of tools


  • Introducing new solutions
  • Improvement of present tools
  • Building and development of relations with key target groups


  • Frequent reporting of service and its effectiveness
  • Access to PR Cloud reports for any desired period of cooperation
  • Analysis of public image change
  • Active planning and schedules

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Katarzyna Bobocińska
I have been working with Royal Brand PR for a few years now. I do value the company for the professionalism, empathy and true “royal” attitude to its clients. This agency really let you spread your wings and does not block the creativity of influencers. I really recommend this agency to anyone who value an unorthodox attitude to a brand and a quality of service on the highest level.
Katarzyna Stankiewicz
Polbruk SA
Agencja Royal Brand PR świadczy dla nas kompleksowe usługi z zakresu Public Relations - utrzymuje relacje z dziennikarzami, przygotowuje artykuły oraz notatki prasowe, prowadzi portal społecznościowy FB, LinkedIn i Google+, a także koordynuje stronę internetową www.polbruk.pl. Przychodzi do nas zawsze z pomocą i rozwiązaniem w sytuacjach, które tego wymagają. Z pełną odpowiedzialnością polecam Współpracę z Agencją ROYAL BRAND PR, jako Partnera w relacjach biznesowych.